The GLIAS Database

View site records from the GLIAS Database

You can view information from the GLIAS database's site records on these web pages. The sites are listed alphabetically by site name and grouped by borough. Click the name of a borough in the Boroughs list (left) to view its site records. Any sites spanning two or more boroughs are listed under every relevant borough.

It is possible to view the following information for each site :

If a grid reference is included you can view the site's location on a map and an aerial photograph. To do this just click on the grid reference itself, which should be displayed as a link. You will also be able to switch between map and aerial views. The grid reference will be marked with a red pin on the map or aerial view. The grid reference should mark the centre of the site - except in the case of linear sites (e.g. bridges). Linear sites are given two grid references, one for each end.

This feature was added to the GLIAS website in May 2011 using the OS Opendata and Google Maps programming tools.

Please note that cookies from Google and Ordnance Survey will be saved on your computer if you click on a grid reference link. Please see our Use of Cookies information page for more information. No other part of the GLIAS website uses cookies.

To find out more about the National Grid Reference system, there is an online interactive guide on the Ordnance Survey website (Flash plugin required). You can also view or download the Ordnance Survey's guide, nationalgrid.pdf.

We're aware that there are errors and inaccuracies in some of the grid references and we're working to correct them, using 8-figure grid references where possible. If you notice an incorrect grid reference, please let us know by emailing us at telling us the site name and borough. We don't need you to provide the correct grid reference (though if you can, that would be great) but any information which will help us get a more accurate location would be appreciated (e.g. "the factory was at the junction of High Street and Albert Road").

Members of GLIAS are working on the database correcting, updating and adding information. However, if you know of an industrial site that you think should be included, please email us at with as much information as you can. We are also keen to hear from anyone with detailed or specialist knowledge about any industrial sites in Greater London.