The GLIAS Database

GLIAS database wins AIA recording award 2002

GLIAS members attended the AIA’s 2002 Conference in force this year, with the intention of celebrating our success in the 2002 Recording Awards. The GLIAS Database won the main award, in the face of some very stiff competition. There were over a dozen entries, and over half those entries achieved over 75%, a mark which in other years might have been sufficient to win the award. The Database received high praise, including a glowing report from English Heritage, whose Data Standards Team evaluated the technical aspects of the database:

The database ... is very intuitive in its navigation and is very well designed. The combination of images and text make the subject matter very accessible and ... would find a very large audience beyond the Society itself ... [the team respresentative] should like to congratulate the GLIAS on an excellent piece of work that is a pleasure to use. I wish them every success with it.

Each of the winning groups gave a short presentation on their project. For GLIAS, Dave Perrett gave a history of the database's development and Chris Grabham went on to give a demonstration of the database. By the end of the presentation the Forth Bridge had been transported to a new location above the Woolwich foot tunnel. We feel the people of Edinburgh may like to have it returned at some point.

Much interest was shown in the database by other societies, for its potential, both as a source of information on London, and as what is currently the only example of a computerised IRIS form, as far as we are aware. Leaflets on the database were taken by many conference members.

Fiona Morton

This is based on an article which originally appeared in the December 2002 GLIAS Newsletter.