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Sites in Redbridge

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Central line extension

Drinking Fountain

Address : Hollybush Hill/High Street, Wanstead

Grid Reference : TQ 4088

Site Status : extant - Grade II

Fairlop Aerodrome

Grid Reference : TQ 455905

Farm buildings

Address : Hainault Rd

Grid Reference : TQ 466905

Former Claybury Hospital

Address : Tomswood Hill

Grid Reference : TQ 4391

Site Status : converted - Grade II

Gant's Hill station

Address : Eastern Av

Grid Reference : TQ 433884

Gear Wheel

Address : Between Liston Way and Orsett Terrace, Woodford Green.

Grid Reference : TQ 412911

Site Status : extant

Goodmayes Hospital

Address : Barley Lane

Grid Reference : TQ 463887

Goodmayes Station

Address : Goodmayes Road

Grid Reference : TQ 464873

Newbury Park Bus Station

Address : Eastern Avenue, Ilford

Grid Reference : TQ 449884

Site Status : extant - Grade II

Plessey Factory

Address : Vicarage Lane

Grid Reference : TQ 446861

Roding Pumping Station

Address : Roding Lane, North of Eastern Av

Grid Reference : TQ 415891


Address : Goodmayes Road

Grid Reference : TQ 464872

Telephone Box

Address : High Road, Woodford

Grid Reference : TQ 4091

Wanstead pumping station

Address : Eastern Avenue

Grid Reference : TQ 415883

Woodford Station

Address : Snakes Lane, Woodford Green,N22 5JU

Grid Reference : TQ 409918

Workers' Housing

Address : 45 - 55 Sandringham Gardens,Barkingside, Ilford

Site Status : extant - Grade II

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